Your whole-body approach to a healthy heart

Write your own "prescriptions" — without a trip to the pharmacy

The "prescriptions" in The Whole Heart Solution aren't like any you would get at a drugstore. Learn how they can help fight:

  • ARTERIOSCLEROTIC heart disease
  • ISCHEMIC heart disease

Some prescriptions are simple, others are more involved, and many of them cost nothing at all! Do as many or as few as you want — whichever fits your lifestyle. The more you do, the better you'll feel.

"Build a lasting heart, one change at a time."

Dr. Kahn's long-time dedication to a healthy lifestyle, including yoga and meditation, has had a major impact on his patients' health and well being. As director of cardiac wellness at Michigan Healthcare Professionals, he has introduced many patients to plant-based, heart-healthy diets that have helped heal even the worst cases. Dr. Kahn believes that turning over a new leaf is a lot less extreme than taking pills or having surgeries.

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Pick your own "Prescriptions" for a happy heart

Pick your own
"Prescriptions" for a HAPPY HEART

Simple, 5-minute ways to a healthier heart

Simple, 5-minute ways to a healthier heart

Just breathe. Learn techniques for deep, slow breathing that can drop blood pressure within just five minutes — without breaking a sweat.

Have a laugh — all the time. Your blood circulates up to 22% better when you're laughing, without unwanted side effects (except maybe snorting).

Daily prescriptions for a stronger heart

Daily prescriptions for a stronger heart

Walk in the sun. Walking's good. Sunlight's vitamin D is great. Take a walk with a friend and lower your blood pressure even more. 30 minutes a day is ideal, but if you have 15 (or even just 5) minutes, it works nearly as well.

Do it right, Sleeping Beauty. Get the perfect amount of sleep — no more or no less — each night to lower your heart disease risk - and boost your anti-aging enzymes.

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Say goodbye to heart disease with simple, lifestyle prescriptions

Say goodbye to heart disease with simple, lifestyle prescriptions

Get your mind (and body) to a yoga class. Discover how yoga can lower your blood pressure, improve your blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and minimize your risk of atrial fibrillation.

Get busy. Find out how much sexual activity per week is recommended to cut heart attack risk in half.

Fight heart disease the holistic way

Fight heart disease the holistic way

Count your blessings. Ask yourself the right questions and give thanks. It can boost your immunity.

Clean house = clean heart valves. Get simple guidelines to clean, shop and live by to keep your whole family heart healthy.

“Dr. Kahn can lead the way to change the face of cardiology in America.”

—Joel Fuhrman, MD
New York Times bestselling author Board certified family physician